Kristin’s Mom’s French Silk Chocolate Pie

Our sweet friend Kristin brought this to one of our lunch visits one week, and we almost had a family separation over who got the last piece. In fact, we had a bit of a tussle over what was actually considered the last piece, since Papaw said a quarter of the pie qualified as his last piece.

So rich, so creamy and…dare I say silky?

Kristin’s Instructions

Mom’s French Silk Chocolate Pie

1/2 c. butter, room temp
3/4 c white sugar
2 (1 oz) squares unsweetened baking chocolate, melted and cooled
1 teaspoon pure vanilla
2 eggs, room temp
1 pie shell (I made my own pie crust)

cream butter in a mixing bowl. gradually beat in the sugar with an electric mixer until light colored and well blended. stir in the thoroughly cooled chocolate, and vanilla. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating 5 minutes on med. speed after each addition. spoon filling into a cooled, baked pie shell. refrigerate 2 hours before serving. You can garnish the pie however you would like. I whipped up some fresh whipped cream and then shaved some chocolate on top. remember, you have to beat the crap out of this recipe to make the sugar blend. The second time I made this pie i added the melted chocolate right into the sugar while it was still warm not hot and that worked too. Just dont add it if it is too hot or you will melt the butter.

I doubled the recipe to fill a large pie tin. Good luck!

The KEY to the recipe is letting the ingredients beat for a looooong time. Last time I made it, it beat in my Kitchen Aide for abt 45 minutes on med/high to high speed. The deep dish pie crusts work great for a double recipe. Also, another difference that really counts is that I use pure vanilla not imitation, though I’m sure it would still taste great, the vanilla I have is the good stuff and it makes a big difference in the depth of taste.

I have made it with regular pie crust, graham cracker crust and chocolate graham cracker crusts



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